5 Summer Bass Fishing Tactics

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These tips will help you catch a bass All Summer Long

1. Big Bass Are Often in thick cover

Because bass are in thick, heavy cover during the hot summer months, you need to use bait big enough to get their attention. Texas Rig a Big Ten and a half inch paddletail worm and fish those summer weed beds. Use a 1 oz Sinker and a 5/0 hook. Fnd those openings in the weeds and pitch your bait in. Many times, a bass will hit it before it even reaches the bottom. It’s a big bait, so expect a big fish. Make sure you have a good heavy rod with at least 20 lb test line. You will most likely have to man handle that thing out of the weeds.

2. Lipless Crankbaits Produce in the Summer

Lipless crankbaits are a great bait to use to induce the bass bite in summer months. These baits will generally sink, so they can be fished at any depth. Steadily retrieve the bait, with periodic pauses to allow it to sink. You could also rip it quickly through the water and then allow it to fall. The big thing is to imitate a struggling Bait fish. Keep in mind, that most of the strikes will happen while the bait is on the fall.

3. Top Water Action is Hot

During the summer months, I love to fish topwater frogs and other flukes. It is so much fun to watch those Bass explode on a topwater lure. Try switching a frog and mimic hopping from lily pad to lily pad. Target open areas in the mats and repeat the twitch and pause until you get that giant fish.  When fishing a fluke, you are again imitating a wounded baitfish. In the summer months, I liked you reel the fluke in quickly for a second or two as soon as it hits the water. You can sometimes induce a strike with that quick action. If they don’t hit it immediately, you can begin your retrieve back to the boat, twitching your rod as you reel. Bass will hit during those momentary pauses.

4. Deep Water Worms/Lizards

When fishing in deeper water during the summer months, you can’t beat a worm or lizard carolina rigged. They work great for triggering those deeper water bites. Be patient and let the lure sink to the bottom. Slowly retrieve it back to you. You really cannot fish this type of setup too slowly. I’ve often gotten a fish by just by leaving it sit on the bottom motionless for 20 or more seconds.

5. Silver Minnow Spoons

One of the most versatile and often overlooked bass lures, is the silver spoon. It has been a constant seller for over 80 years. It’s easy to cast, generally weedless, and resists line twisting. You can troll it, jig it, or twitch it. And it seems like anything out there will feed on it. Believe it or not, the Johnson silver minnow has a 35 degree patented wobble that allows it to rock back and forth. The motion is irresistible to bass. You can even add a grub to it, too improve the action even more. If you’ve never fished one of these spoons, you have to get one and try it out.

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  1. Ed Miller

    Love that Johnson Silver Minnow. Been fish it since the 80rd caught many bass on it. Rattle traps are great also.

  2. C/4

    Thanks, awesome advice!


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