Top 5 Smallmouth Bass Summer Lures

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Hot summer weather means a change to what smallmouth bass want to eat. The hotter months will make the fishing a little more predictable, so much so that smallmouths will seem to feed in packs. These summer smallmouth bass lures will help you get more bites and land more fish.

5. Hair Jigs

Hair jigs are probably one of the most underutilized of the five summer Smallmouth lures that we have listed here. The hair jigs, can mimic smaller baitfish, leeches crawfish, and other little smallmouth prey.

There are a ton of different colors and sizes to choose from, and you would do yourself a favor to have some on hand the next time you head out on the water.

4. Football Jig

Take a football jig that is either skirted or has a double tail grub attached to it, and you will be amazed at the kind of smallmouth bass you can pull up. There are several different options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with a 1/2 oz jig and that will allow you to go as deep as you want to go. Depending on the water depth, you can go with a lighter or heavier jig. Target key structure like rocks, deep weed lines and points to have the best success.

3. Swimbaits

Who doesn’t like to throw a swimbait. Smallmouth and bass love to chase bait, and the swimbait is a great choice to try to trigger their aggressive nature. A 3-4 inch swimbait on a jig head is a great snack for the smallmouth bass. The swimbait, is definitely one of the easiest and best summer smallmouth bass lures.

My favorite choice, is to fish them on a jig head. You can choose from a variety of different weights and you can go shallow to deep, and any depth in between. Use a 1/4 oz jighead if the water is less than 15 ft and go heavier as you move into deeper water. This isn’t a hard set rule, but it is a good place to get started. Use whatever size best fits your style and action.

2. Topwater Walking Baits

It is amazing how a smallmouth bass will crush a topwater walking bait in summer months. There are so many options to choose from, but they will generally all work equally as well. We can talk for days about color choices depending on the water clarity and other location factors, but the color of the underside of the bait is key. If you pick up any fish, you will notice that the bellies are lighter in color. As fish are looking up at their prey, the prey tries to blend in by matching the color of the sky. Make sure that the belly of your topwater walking bait is white or a light color.

1. Drop Shot Plastic Bait

Summer in and summer out, the plastic drop-shot worm makes the list every year. Smallmouth bass are a sucker for soft plastic worms. The choices of style, color, and rig are endless. Use a 3-5 inch soft plastic worm or other shape. The biggest thing is to match the color of the forage in the body of water you are fishing. Hatchlings blend in with their surroundings, so matching those colors will make the bass more likely to hit your lure.

I say it over and over, but don’t overcomplicate bass fishing. Get out there and try. See what works, see what doesn’t work. Keep note of water temperatures, water clarity, outside air temperature, pressures due to fronts, and any other notable environmental condition. An easy way to do this is with the Fishin’ Wizard app. If you haven’t already downloaded it, go to and download the free app today. Subscribe to the newsletter to get more articles like this.


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