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I’m a relatively new father, but I am amazed at how much my two-year-old son loves to fish. He carries around a tackle box full of plastic worms, and constantly talks about fishing. If you ask him what he wants to do on any Saturday, the answer is always go fishing. He loves to fish, and he loves his plastic worms, but we don’t use plastic worms when I take him fishing. He’s only two, and I want him to catch fish, so we use live bait.

Some people might say that using live bait is not sporting, and to some degrees, that may be the case. But, if you aren’t fishing a tournament, I don’t see a harm in it.  Plus, if you are fishing with a child, you want them to have an enjoyable afternoon. It’s a lot of fun to throw some live bait in a bucket, and go catch some fish.

I Used Live Bait with My Father

Growing up, I didn’t get to go fishing very often, but when I did, especially as a young child, my father always used live bait. It didn’t matter what we were catching, as long as we were catching fish. I will often take my son out with just a simple little child’s fishing rod, and some red worms. We can catch bream for hours, and he is so happy.

With that said, I believe you should go out this weekend, get some live bait, and take a kid fishing. I also think that you should support your local bait shops in any way that you can. If you have one close by, go to your local  bait shop. They are a wealth of information and can let you in on what is biting and where, and they generally always have live bait. If you don’t have a bait shop nearby, practically every Walmart in America sells live bait in the fishing department. There is generally a cooler in the back it contains plastic containers of different kinds of worms, or crickets, Etc.

You Don’t Need Expensive Tackle

That tackle for catching fish using live bait isn’t complicated and it doesn’t require expensive gear. Here is a link to an Amazon fishing pole (this is an affiliate link and we earn a small commission if you purchase through this link) that will get you started with taking a child fishing. All you need is some type of small rod and reel, a small hook if you are going for panfish, or a bit larger circle hook if targeting Bass. Then you may want a small weight, and a cork or bobber.

So many kids these days, don’t want to go outside. They would rather sit in a dark room playing video games. If you can get a child interested in fishing and the outdoors, they will want to put down those video games and go outside. Not only that, but they will truly value the time that they spend with you. I don’t get to fish with my father as much as I used to, but I cherish the memories of those times, and value the times that I do get to fish with him.

If you really want your child to be interested in fishing, take him out to go fishing with some live shiners. It is awesome to see their face light up when a large bass pulls their cork (bobber for you northern folk) underwater.

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    Absolutely nothing wrong with live bait and is just as sporting as artificial baits….it tends to be a “Bass fishing” mentality to view it as non-sporting.
    As well as the “bass taste horrible” mindset to put the catch and release ALL bass argument.
    One thing that can be done is a mutiple pole method for your son. Where one is rigged with plastics.. (senkos or something) and let him give the plastics a fair shake from time to time.
    I guarantee after hooking into that first one and a half to three pound bass he will fish plastics and artificials more and more.
    Oh and catch and release is a great rule of thumb however keeping a bass here and there can and does have beneficial effects on the bass population and then there is legal bass that have been deep hooked.
    Anyways it sounds like you may have a potential young tournament fisherman on your hands.
    And that’s great!!!
    Good luck.

    • Fishin' Wizard App

      Thanks so much for the comment! I agree 100%. Nothing better to me than seeing a young kid or new person to fishing get the satisfaction of landing a fish!

      • Joe Wozar

        My 11 year old daughter doesn’t like touching live bait so I tie on a Texas rigged black 4” trick worm with a 1/8oz weight and she kicks my tail when bass fishing about every time. She loves to out fish me.

        • Fishin' Wizard App

          That’s awesome!!

  2. Mark G

    I work in a large hunting/fishing/outfitting store in Tacoma WA. I got my kids started fishing when they were very young. Now they are grown and still love fishing. Because of where I have the great joy of working now, I get to pass on the passion I have for fishing to a whole new group of “up n comers”. Young and old alike. Getting them started and telling them to bring me pictures is very rewarding. When I see the pride and happiness on their face when they bring pics of their first or big catch? WOW! what a thrill for me also.

    • Fishin' Wizard App

      That’s great, Mark. Nothing better than introducing someone to fishing!


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